10 Ideas for Frugal Wall Art

Bare walls are not really boring but they can be very depressing. Instead of leaving your walls naked, take the trend in handmade home decor by creating frugal wall art that can be used as a gift or bring beauty to a very dull atmosphere.

First, gather a collection of different sizes and shapes of frames. It can be very helpful to have on hand some collection of largest frames as you never know when a new art opportunity will come your way. Flea markets and yard sales are the main sources for good used frames.

Other major sources for wall art are the beautiful photos, calendars, magazines and Christmas cards. With so many sources, you can set a favorite theme or color to harmonize with this kind of decoration.

The finishing touch on any frugal wall art is to place some interest to the frames. This can be achieved in several ways. Painting a frame with gold or putting shells, stones, seeds or cones can have an elegant ambiance.

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