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Supplying You With Reassurance With AIG Malaysia

Be Equipped For Uncertainties With AIG Malaysia

There’s always a risk that we may experience unclear threats within our life. Hence, it’s greatest which we get our own selves safeguarded by investing in a great insurance program. A good contractors all risk insurance program provides a kind of financial security just in case any unfortunate occurrences take place, and AIG Malaysia is here now to provide you with an array of strategies that satisfy your desires.

AIG Malaysia’s Protection Ideas

As functioning grown ups, we now have a great deal to take care of — loved ones and family members, individual components and vehicles. Do you be worried about uncertain activities that will present negative adjustments for your lifestyle? If complete protection is exactly what you are looking for, AIG Malaysia has a variety of insurance programs to make sure that you are able to conditions daily life uncertainties easier.

Travel Insurance

Use a get worried-free of charge getaway in the holidays, whether or not you’re traveling in the region or international! With AIG Travel Insurance, you can find healthcare defense around RM1 million when you’re out of your moves. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, also you can get protection up to RM700,000 including quarantine allowance and much more.

AIG Malaysia

Home Insurance

Our house is our basic safety abode, it also encounters the potential risk of break-ins, burglary, display flooding and fires that may damage our possessions leaving us with no location to relax. Give your property the coverage it needs with AIG Malaysia’s property insurance that offers fiscal defense for destroyed personal possessions and offers lodging costs if you’re staying in other areas if mishaps taken place.

Prevent Large Failures And Obligations With AIG Auto Insurance

Driving a vehicle in Malaysia can show anyone to the chance of theft, flame and mishaps. Protect your car with AIG Car Insurance which supplies protection for virtually any motor vehicle injury on account of the aforementioned scenarios. On top of that, the blueprint also shields you experiencing hefty liabilities, by within the damage of other autos also involved in an crash along.

Personalized Automobile accident Insurance

With AIG Personal Accident Insurance, your defense prepare grows along when you start working on your upcoming stage in life. Get insurance coverage which includes healthcare expenses and monthly bills for you as men and women, and later for your family members as you may increase. Prioritising your ease, you are able to chat personally with AIG’s substances, or maybe subscribe to this plan on-line.

Why You Will Need A Very good Security Strategy

What will happen to you and your family within the deal with of life uncertainties for example accidents, health problems or disasters? It may be tough to think about, but acquiring equipped is the easiest way to relieve the influence of these unfortunate events. Give both you and your adored one’s assurance with insurance insurance from AIG.

Get Safeguarded With AIG Malaysia Now

Selecting a very good insurance plan might be a hard decision to make because of so many products in the market. AIG is definitely a location where you can get a array of substantial insurance programs for a variety of elements of your life. Get a personalized insurance strategy, vacation insurance or perhaps an automobile insurance program all at AIG. Go to to find out more about contractors all risk insurance.